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A high-level delegation from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education checked the progress of work and the conduct of the final exams for the second semester at UCST in Khan younis. The delegation headed by Dr. Ayman Yaori, Assistant Undersecretary for Higher Education,Dr.Khalil Hammad, General Director of university education,Engineer Kamal Abu Meileq, General Director of colleges and the technical education, and Mr. Mahmoud Hassouna, Director Assistant Undersecretary Office, were received by the college dean Mr. Nidal Abu Hujair, Engineer Samir Jabir,vice dean, Mr. Mahmoud Yousif, vice dean for the administrative and financial affairs, Mr. Mahmoud Al Farra, vice dean for planning and development, Mr. Mounir Al Agha, director of the exams office and Mr. Shadi Abu Ermana , head of the public relations.

Mr. Yaouri asserted that the college has a high degree of discipline and compliance with regulations and standards which the examinations take place in Palestine, pointing out that the college is one of the leading educational institutions that offer distinctive programs in bachelor and diploma degrees serve segments of the community students,noting that the college has a wise vision with respect to adjust assessment and outcomes of scientific research through the organisation and the adoption of a list seizes this process and linked to the needs of society and the allocation of part of the research orientations to serve the surrounding area which puts the college in a privileged position at the local and regional level, pointing in the same context that the Ministry iss working constantly to supplement the college with the necessary academic and administrative staff contribute to the achievement of excellence and sophistication in the coming days.

For his part ,Mr. Hamad explained that the college implement special regulation in exams management which is reflected positively on the quality and the consequent achievement of generosity among students and develop a sense of pride they have for their affiliation with this scientific edifice featured , indicating that we are at each visit to the college witnessing the progress and remarkable development in various fields that will provide qualitative addition to the College.

In turn, Engineer Abu Meilq praised the organization and order in which the pace of the examinations and the great efforts exerted by the Department of the examinations and the great efforts exerted by the Department of the College gearing up to hold final exams this distinctive shape which is calculated for the College , which aspires to shift to technology university in the near future,stressing that the ministry will stand next to the college in the development of all fields .

in a related context,Mr Abu Hajir offered deep thanks to the Staff of the Ministry on the frequent visits continued functioning of the college and follow-up, indicating that the college is working continuously to develop a system of educational and academic management through actions by enhancing disciplines to suit the output need of the labor market as well as the development of courses of study curricula for all programs,as well as infrastructure and construction of buildings and facilities and that wouldcontribute to the creation of significant progress on the overall performance and put it distinctive within the local and regional level.

the college administration escorted the visiting delegation in an inspection tour of the exams halls and appreciated the high systemic pursued by the college in the management of these exams.